Consultant for Shares Problems

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What is Consultant for Shares Problems?

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to award key consultants and other service providers with shares or share options, irrespective of the fact that they are not employed by or hold office with the company. Consultant shares and share options are flexible and can be designed to meet the specific objectives for the company in question.

Consultant for Shares Problems

Share or share option participation in companies by non-employees is an increasingly common occurrence, just as the number of individuals who provide services to companies as self-employed consultants or through personal service companies has increased. Many companies recognise the potential benefits of offering consultants shares or share options with a range differing motivations for offering shares to non-employees.

In the same way as for employees and directors, incentives for consultants and service providers can take the form of either:

  • an issue of new shares;
  • a transfer of existing shares; or
  • a transfer of existing shares; or

As in the case of employee incentives, the decision as to which is the best form of incentive will depend upon a number of factors, including:

  • shareholder attitudes to creating (additional) minority shareholders.
  • shareholder and business goals.
  • the objectives behind the share incentive – with the emphasis upon reward for services already provided, retention and motivation being all key points to consider.
  • how and when value can be delivered to the consultant/service provider from their share interests.
  • the taxation implications of shares and share options; and the valuation of the shares at the relevant time.

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Retrieve Lost Shares

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