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Inheritance Consulting

Carefully structuring the disposal of your estate will ensure that your wishes are carried out. If you take the necessary precautions today, you can relax tomorrow knowing that you’ve provided for your loved ones.You’ve managed to build up an estate over the decades. But you don’t want to just protect your wealth; you want to pass it on in a particular, carefully planned way.

Our Advisory Areas

Marital property and succession law

We’ll explain the laws to you, analyze current contracts and explain your disposition options: a will, marriage contract, inheritance contract or lifetime gifts.

Inheritance and gift taxes

We’ll point out the inheritance and gift tax implications of inheritance planning options such as legacies, foundations or usufructs

Child and adult protection laws

We’ll advise you on how to prepare for potential mental incapacity and explain options such as living wills and advance directives.

Division of estate

We will help your heirs with asset inventories, legacy payments, inheritance tax assessments and the satisfaction of inheritance claims in accordance with the contract of division.

Capital Experts comprises of a team of associates who prioritise the safety and security of your capital. We have services that ensure that capital due to you either as an inheritance or in any other way is never blocked or stuck due to a system complication.We strive to deliver the unclaimed wealth of an investor in the share market through the years of expertise, savvy know how and goodwill of dedicated members of our team.


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