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What is Retrieve Lost Shares ?

We are often advised to invest and forget. While it is a practical suggestion from a savings point of view, actually forgetting all about one’s investments can result in losses too. This is where Delhi-based Share Samadhan comes in, helping with the recovery of unclaimed dividends and lost stock investments.

About Retrieve Lost Shares ?

Many elderly investors prefer to hold on to their share certificates rather than dematerialising them, which is necessary to trade in or redeem shares. The physical shares end up as pieces of paper that are filed away and forgotten. Not that all investors are forgetful, many keep track of their investments, and preserve share certificates, and mutual funds and bank account paperwork. But a relocation or age and illness can easily throw matters off track for them too.

As the head of HR at a leading real estate company found out, this can happen to anyone. On joining ITC at the beginning of her career, over 25 years ago, she was given 100 shares of the company. Over the years, she got married, chang ed her surname, switched jobs and relocated. She lost track of the sha res, eventually forgetting all about them. So, she was pleasantly surprised when Share Samadhan sought her permission to begin the process of recovering a small fortune that she didn’t even know ..

Share Samadhan, which deals with the recovery of unclaimed dividends and untraceable shares, as well as mutual funds, postal savings and inoperative bank accounts, found that her once insignificant holdings had now turned into a sizeable corpus of around 7,000 shares worth Rs 25 lakh.

Since 2011, Share Samadhan, a subsidiary of Whiteinc Group, has helped many track and recover lost holdings and investments. Vikash Jain, Co-founder of Share Samadhan, says the company’s objective is to provide a single-point advisory for myriad issues faced by investors. Jain and his partner Abhay Chandalia have developed a model that involves assigning individual teams to each client, who then take over the process of recovery, filing legal claims where necessary, tracing the holdings and appr ..

Capital Experts comprises of a team of associates who prioritise the safety and security of your capital. We have services that ensure that capital due to you either as an inheritance or in any other way is never blocked or stuck due to a system complication.We strive to deliver the unclaimed wealth of an investor in the share market through the years of expertise, savvy know how and goodwill of dedicated members of our team.


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