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Any unclaimed dividend which remains unpaid for a period of seven years from the due date is transferable to the Investor Education and Protection fund (IEPF) – Sec 124(5) of the companies Act 2013. Further the shares in respect of which the dividend remains unclaimed for seven consecutive years is also be transferable in the name of the IEPF as per Sec 124(6) of the companies Act 2013

So states the law and we all know-how complicated it can be to be able to get a refund from the IEPF Department. However, what’s yours should always come to you which is why we bring our expertise on dealing with such cases to partner you in this complex yet doable process.

Retrieve Lost Shares

Gaining inheritance is seldom a straight-forward process and sometimes through all the hassles it is always possible to forget transferring physical shares onto your name. Now as they are, those shares are worth as little as the paper they are printed on. In a correctly dematte form they could be the answer to your new home, children’s education, marriage or any health care emergencies that life may have in store for you.

If you have physical shares but forgot to digitize it them or if you have physical shares in your name and have migrated to another country, we will help you get what is rightfully your share of the inheritance conundrum.

Lost Shares Consultants India

There are so many scenarios where you may end up damaging or losing share certificates which may be worth a small fortune to you. And who would not like to inherit a fortune, small or large?

If you have managed to unearth some old share certificates which may even be more than a little worse for wear, don’t panic or become despondent. We have you covered.

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a break-in or a mugging and the elements may have made their way with your share certificates don’t panic. While we can’t do anything about the materialistic things they have stolen, we most certainly know methods and provisions on how to get the share money back for you.

You are moving house and you lose the shares, there was a small and controlled fire but the share certificates are now burnt, there was an earthquake or any other natural disaster and you have lost so much including the share certificates, these are just some of the several scenarios that no family is absolutely insured and ready for. However, we at Capital Experts are ready to bring that money back to you in case of such unfortunate circumstances.

Claiming Shares From IEPF

Something as simple as deleting a name of the share certificate dematte or otherwise can end up making you do several treks to the bank or the company resulting in a waste of time, energy and resources.

If you applied for shares in a joint name and your digital account is only in the name of one holder or your association with the joint holder is over and both have agreed to transfer the shares in your name or even when the joint holder is now unfortunately deceased, give us a call and let the Capital Experts find a way for you.

IEPF Share claim Consultants

Change of Name

A name change can happen due to a plethora of very valid reasons however it is imperative that the change is urgently updated on the share certificate

If your name is spelled wrong or if you changed the spelling of your name at a later date in your life and even if you changed your name altogether differently the Capital Experts will ensure a smooth and assured change on all you share certificates as well.

Consultants for shares inheritance

Change of Address

Any change in address needs to be notified to the share issuing company and the same needs to be updated in the share certificate. This should be done as soon as there is some change in your address. This helps in facilitating communication from the share issuing company.

However when attempted on your own this could become a time consuming and energy sapping process. This is where you bring in the experts and let us show you the way. Now move homes as often as you need or want to without worrying about correspondence and address changes on your share certificates.

Name deletion from share certificates

Transfer of Share

If you are the legal heir of shares from your parents of relatives, Capital Experts will help in facilitating hassle free transfer of the ownership of such shares, be it the requirement of succession certificate, Probate or any such technicalities our experts are well versed with these issues

So in a scenario where the owner of the shares wants to transfer the shares to you or due to their sad demise, you are inheriting the shares but don’t know what to do, don’t panic. Place a call to the experts and let us do the legwork for you while you bask in the happiness of your inheritance

Name deletion from share certificates

The most common problems for smaller companies who do not have an Finance Director are created usually by the complete lack of any structure to the dividend taking process itself.For example most directors dividends are taken monthly without a thought for entering into a register or issuing a voucher/certificate.

A rights issue is a relatively common way for a company to raise fresh capital. The company issues new shares, offering them first to existing shareholders. ... An alternative to a rights issue is an open offer where shareholders are simply invited to subscribe for new shares based on their existing holdings.

Name deletion from share certificates

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to award key consultants and other service providers with shares or share options, irrespective of the fact that they are not employed by or hold office with the company.

Share participation can be seen as a way of motivating and retaining consultants and other service providers who can help to generate growth in company value, aligning their interests with those of shareholders.There are a number of taxation and legal issues arising from offering shares or share options to consultants and service providers.

Capital Experts comprises of a team of associates who prioritise the safety and security of your capital. We have services that ensure that capital due to you either as an inheritance or in any other way is never blocked or stuck due to a system complication.We strive to deliver the unclaimed wealth of an investor in the share market through the years of expertise, savvy know how and goodwill of dedicated members of our team.


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